Gentle Sivananda Yoga


Sivananda Yoga is a class created specifically for Westerners, allowing us to stop and bring awareness to ourselves and our bodies, in a world where we usually rush from one activity to another. Classes are practiced on a mat, and whilst there are variations for all levels of practitioner, it is advised that you can get up and down from the floor unassisted to be able to enjoy the class to its full potential. Breathing exercises and long-held asanas (poses) allows the practitioner to build strength and tone the body, together with calming the mind. The classes are open to all, including beginners.

Currently Gentle Sivananda Yoga classes are being held as follows:

Mondays: 6-715, La Nouvelle Maraitaine, Vale
Wednesdays: 615-730, Le Grand Courtil, St Martins

Please contact Amy :

Phone: 07781 190470      




Twitter: @pureyogagsy

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