Service User Information

Guidelines for the involvement of Service Users in the Institute's Teaching and Learning Activities

- 27/02/2009
The Institute has a responsibility to educate health and social care professionals to the stage of qualification, and beyond to degree level. In doing so, it seeks to consult and involve service users and carers in its teaching and learning activities. This is considered to be good practice. In the UK, the Health and Social Care Act (2001) stresses the importance of services working in partnership with the public, and the Institute’s partner university – the University of East Anglia – is also committed to this principle. The Institute seeks the involvement of a range of service users of different ages and backgrounds who have experience of a broad selection of the HSSD’s services. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the HSSD (2007) Service User Involvement Policy (G303), which notes in section 6(e) that involvement in teaching and training is a recognised form of service user involvement. Please click here for more information.

Service User Interest

- 27/02/2009
If you would like to express your interest as a Service User in Involvement in the Institute’s Teaching and Learning Activities, please complete the attached form. Please click here for more information.