Armchair buy leaves patients in the pink

by Anna Brehaut PATIENTS at Bulstrode House will be able to receive treatment in comfort with the help of a set of armchairs.

The Pink Ladies, a group of women who have had breast cancer or are undergoing treatment, raised money to purchase the chairs, as well as a set of personal stereos.

'The Pink Ladies really want to support each other, but also raise money for cancer sufferers in general,' said member Heather West.

'We thought it would be nice to buy something for Bulstrode House because it would benefit so many different patients.'

Dr Peter Gomes said the donation was absolutely fantastic.

'Some patients can have up to six hours of continuous treatment, so we try and make things as comfortable as possible,' said Dr Gomes.

Patients will be able to relax on the reclining armchairs and listen to music while having treatment such as chemotherapy.

'It is not just cancer patients who come hero, but also people needing blood transfusions or other haematological treatment.'

The Pink Ladies has been together for two years.

'It really started when I and a group of- women going through chemotherapy for breast cancer decided that Guernsey needed a support group,' said Mrs West.

Scope Furnishing gave the group a discount, enabling it to purchase six chairs.

The Pink Ladies has regular meetings and is currently planning its next fund-raising project.

The group is currently improving the wig service at Bulstrode House.

'Losing your hair is often the worst thing about having treatment for cancer,' said Mrs West.

The group is aiming to provide each patient with two wigs, so they will have one to wear when the other is being washed.

Dr Gomes thought it would be of real benefit to the patients.

'They have also given us care packs with special shampoo to wash the wigs.’ he said

(Reproduced courtesy Guernsey Press and Star)

Article dated 13 February 2003

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