Investec mufti days help 18 local good causes.

by Alex Hanna Tuesday 10 February 2004 MUFTI DAYS at Investec raised more than 7,700 for local charities last year.

This year’s fund-raising has been given an early boost after Investec Bank, Trust and Asset Management managing directors agreed to donate £3,000 each.

‘It is an impressive total for 2003 and we are delighted that all our staff contributed so generously to helping more than 18 charities,’ said charity committee, representative Jean Brown.

All the contributions go to support charities in the Bailiwick and enable them to buy tangible items or go towards small-scale projects.

‘We like to make donations that we feel can make a real difference,’ said Mrs Brown.

The donations included £750 to Age Concern, £500 each to

Guernsey Riding for the Disabled, Menfun and Guernsey Welfare Services, £1,000 to the Pink Ladies and

£600 to the Longfield Centre for new climbing equipment for the younger children.

‘We are delighted because we had been doing some fund-raising to buy equipment for the bigger children, but this enabled us to cater for the smaller children too,’ said act ing head teacher Val Guilbert.

‘It looks very, bright and colourful in the garden and is in a special enclosed area, where they can climb safely.’

Longfield was also able to buy some little cars that the children can push forward using their feet, which is good for their mobility

Thursday 1 April 2004

(Reproduced courtesy Guernsey Press and Star)
Article dated 10 February 2004

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