Jan wont say a word about the Pink Ladies


SILENCE could be golden for one islander on Saturday. Jan Olliver, owner of Trim Dog Pet Centre, is planning a sponsored silence to raise money for the Pink Ladies ahead of their Sunset Coastal Walk this month.

Mrs Olliver was a friend of Pink Ladies co-founder Anne McMillan, who co-organised the first Pink Ladies Sunset Coastal Walk in 2007, which raised £100,000 for lymphoedema treatment – a painful side-effect of breast cancer treatment.

This year’s walk will be held in memory of Mrs McMillan, who beat breast cancer but died of an unrelated cancer in November.

‘When I found out I was unable to do the walk I knew I wanted to do something, not just in her memory but for lots of friends and customers whose lives have been touched by cancer,’ said Mrs Olliver.

The sponsored silence will be between 9am and 4pm.

‘Saturday is a really busy day for us. A lot of people come in for advice but I’m lucky I have really good staff – and a notebook,’ she said.

She has completed a sponsored silence before, which raised £1,200 for Animal Aid.

‘I had a lot longer to collect money that time but I would love to raise over £1,000 this time,’ said Mrs Olliver, whose husband, Nick, has designed T-shirts for the fund-raiser.

If she speaks during the seven-hour silence, Mrs Olliver will have to pay a forfeit for every word.

She and daughter Donna, who both took part in the walk two years ago, also joined forces to make cakes that were sold at Jan’s Vale premises.
Jan Olliver and daughter Donna’s fund-raising cake baking proved a hit and now she is planning to stay silent during seven hours of business at her pet centre on Saturday.         

GEP Article by Zoe Ash
(Picture by Peter Frankland, 0780471)

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