Making a difference


CAROLYNN Bihet took part in the Pink Ladies' Sunset Coastal Walk in 2007 because she felt she could help make a difference.

The 61-year-old accountant said she wanted to do the walk because she knew the funds would remain on the island.

'I think, like all women, I am very aware of breast cancer ­ particularly because I think we all know someone who has had breast cancer or received treatment,' she said.

'It was actually the fact that I knew all of the funds would be used locally, not off island, and that the money would go towards a specific treatment, such as lymphoedema.

'The Pink Ladies support group provides essential care for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

'They understand what others are going through. But you don't need to know someone who's gone through it to feel part of the Pink Ladies' Sunset Walk.' Carolynn who walked the three miles from Bordeaux to Market Square in Town said the event had a fabulous atmosphere.

'When we were walking, everyone was talking to anybody and everybody,' she said.

'I left my car at Bordeaux and when I went back to pick it up after I had reached Town, there was a stream of pink along the seafront.

'You could just not believe there were so many women walking together for the same cause. I thought The Square was the perfect setting for a celebration at the end of the walk. Last time, I just stayed for a couple of drinks. But this year I hope to stay for longer.

'I didn't do any training last time, but I walk two or three times a week.

Last time I did it on my own but this year I will be doing it with a friend.'

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