Success for Roger


ROGER ALLSOPP, above, has successfully swum the English Channel

Mr Allsopp, 65, reached the French shore at 5.43pm, 15 hours and 30 minutes after leaving Dover in choppy conditions.

'He came out of the water standing proud, not crawling,' said Evelyn Banfield, a member of his support crew travelling on the boat which accompanied the retired surgeon.

Mrs Banfield said the team feared he might not make the distance as he battled to keep going in difficult conditions.

'His journey began yesterday at 2.15am, with the wind speed in the Channel at 16 knots. We worried that he might not make it, at the beginning in particular. Three hours after the start, he was not too good and we thought that the next time we offered him a drink he might stop. The last half hour, it was just automation.' Cold and exhausted after the swim, Mr Allsopp is today resting after his effort.

GEP 31/8/2006

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