Dave Rosamund running 3 marathons for Pink Ladies


My name is Dave Rosamund, I am 52 years of age, have 3 boys and two beautiful grand daughters. I have always enjoyed running and since my recent seperation from my wife this has become my passion a close second to my family. I have this year therefore decided to put my passion to good use and run a few marathons, 3 to be percise. In total I will strangely enough be running 52 miles, one for each year of my life. The children think I'm mad but they know I enjoy it so much they will be there cheering me all the way.

I have already ran 2 marathons, one in April which was 13 miles and the other last June on Fathers day which was also 13 miles. My last challenge is on 30th August I will finish with a full marathon of 26 miles. The feet will definately be sore by then I'm sure.

I have also been a busy boy arranging sponsorship donations from local stores such as The Wine Warehouse, Intersport and Boots. They have all kindly donated a gift towards prizes for a horse race night which will be held on 29th August Starting 7.30pm at The Couture Inn, my local.

I have therefore under much diliberation decided to give 50 % of any monies rasied to a charity close to my heart after lossing my mother to cancer.

I truly hope this will benefit somewhere some how.


The Pink Ladies hope that members and Pink Ladies supporters will help Dave with his fundraising and attend the Horse Racing Night, as well as cheering on Dave and the hundreds of other runners in Guernsey's marathon on 30th August.

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