Facts about the 2013 Sunset Walk and how the funds raised will be used.......

* The event is being held on Saturday 22 June.
* It aims to raise awareness as well as funds.
* The walk was launched in 2007 and is held every two years.
In 2011, around 92,000 was raised by just under 2,000 walkers.
* All money raised stays in the island and helps with everything from the breast care unit to paying for home help for those recovering from treatment.
* This years walk will finish with a party in Market Square, where Cafe Bon Port will provide food and drink for walkers and entertainment from Abba tribute band Sensation.
* There are two walking routes again this year. The first starts at Grandes Rocques car park at 6pm and is approximately 10.5 miles long. The second is roughly 3.5 miles and starts at 8pm at Bordeaux, with all those taking part joining up before going on to the finish line in Town.
* All ages are welcome but an adult must accompany children.

How the funds will be used:

The new Breast Cancer Unit at the PEH is being equipped and furnished by the Pink Ladies, working with lead nurse for cancer and palliative care Karen Leach and her team.

She describes the project as incredibly exciting, because it will be of real benefit to women who are in a very difficult situation. The tangible benefit for women here is that, once they have been screened, if the result suggests they need further tests, these can be carried out immediately. Karen describes this as a massive plus because waiting even a few days can add hugely to stress levels, which in itself is bad for anyone.

The old oncology unit is already unrecognisable and Karen is looking forward to seeing how the Pink Ladies can make it as comfortable and homely as possible, while still providing all the clinical and diagnostic elements needed.
It will be terrific for patients to be able to wait in a nice, light, comfy area and then be seen in modern, airy consulting rooms. There are different areas for diagnosis and treatment so that not everyone has to be in together because that can also be uncomfortable.

While the build project is being funded by the islands health service, extra equipment and all the finishing touches are being provided by the Pink Ladies. It will make all the difference because obviously in the current climate, there is no way that any added extras can be included as part of the actual project. The Pink Ladies support, with interior design touches, furnishings and lots of other elements, is a fantastic help, said Karen.

Article courtesy of the Guernsey Press and Star

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