Walk the walk for island’s breast unit


There is still time to join this year’s Pink Ladies Sunset Walk on 22 June – and there’s never been a better reason to get your walking shoes on. Funds raised will go directly to the island’s new breast unit, which will make a huge difference to thousands of women, as Kay Leslie reports in the Guernsey Press and Star

BENEATH the sea of pink wigs and smiles likely to prevail at the Pink Ladies Sunset Walk on 22 June, a huge number of those planning to take part have very personal –and often emotional – reasons for joining in.
Recovered and recovering sufferers, family members and friends will all gather with supporters, and the organisers hope support will be as impressive as ever.
Money raised will go directly to the new Breast Unit at the PEH, where, for the first time here, women will be able to benefit from a wide range of diagnostic facilities, treatment areas and consultation suites, all in a seamless series of linked rooms.

The facility is also being planned to reduce waiting and response time for women who are newly diagnosed and that aspect alone is expected to make a massive difference to those understandably anxious about their prospects and treatment.

The number of team entries to the walk is still building. Organiser and co-founder of the event Doreen Le Poidevin says she is ‘amazed’ at the effort corporate teams have put into supporting the walk. ‘There is often a very personal reason initially for the team organiser to encourage workmates to take part but the really satisfying thing for us is that some of them have continued to take part year after year, and that makes a huge difference to the proceeds. It’s brilliant,’ she said.

Islands Insurance has a team of 15 and organiser Ash Spinks has a compelling reason for asking her colleagues to support the event.
‘My Mum, Jo, has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I want to do something positive to draw attention to the need to get diagnosed as early as possible. It’s so difficult to feel we can do anything useful right now but the Sunset Walk is a great way of flagging up the whole issue,’ she said.
She added that, as the mother of two-year-old Chloe, the situation ‘has obviously made me think a lot about the future and I want to do everything I can to make sure that my daughter never has to face this situation when she is an adult.’

Pictured are: front row, left to right, Chantelle Platt, Emily Hawkins, Ash Spinks, Emma Colver, back row, Jennifer Handley, Jessi Winterflood, Shayleigh Topley, Kelly Fallaize, Joni Welch, Steph Bougourd, Joahane Henley-Roussel, Michelle Bihet, Demi Riley.

Article courtesy of the Guernsey Press and Star

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