Hash House Harriets take part in memory of running member


THE Hash House Harriets completed the walk in memory of their fellow running club member June who died two years ago.

She always did everything, this and the Race for Life, even when she was really ill, said Emma Walker.

She was amazing.

The group of a dozen women dressed up in pink, topped off with hats and bunny ears.

They have done the walk a number of times both with their friend June and twice since her death.

Sue Le Poidevin said she was an inspiration to the rest of the group.
We would moan about a blister but then you saw what she went through and she didnt moan once.

Mrs Walker said the atmosphere on the walk was amazing which meant it always felt they completed the 10 miles more quickly. The group also collected extra money on the way round the island by stopping in pubs and asking people for donations. They collected 300 last year and hoped to at least match that this time around.

GEP Article by Alexa Rowe 20/6/2011

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