The Pink Ladies would like to thank everyone who participated in the Sunset Walk on Saturday evening and the many people and companies who gave sponsorship, donations, help and support.

Standing on the Market Square balcony on Saturday night, looking down at the hundreds of women & girls dressed in pink, with their families and friends, was a truly inspirational and touching moment.  I know that Gary felt so moved by the sight that he uploaded a video straight to Facebook and Twitter to share it with the rest of the World! The sea of pink around the coast was amazing and the effort everyone had gone to with their pink outfits was wonderful, with many displaying dedications to loved ones who are no longer with us.

I thought back to when the 6 of us met for the first time for a cup of tea and a chat in February 2001, to gain support from each other during treatment for breast cancer, little knowing how the Group would grow, what a huge impact it would have on our lives and the lifelong bonds and friendships which would be formed.

We now have over 113 members.  Involvement in the Pink Ladies varies greatly for each individual.  Some of us have been involved since the start of the Group, some ladies come along for support during treatment but some come along even years after their diagnosis.  We are very pleased that we are also able to help women who for their own reasons do not want to join the Group, but can still benefit from the support and assistance that we offer.

All the members who have been involved in our committees over the years have been so passionate about improving the lives of others with breast cancer, because they have experienced the journey themselves.  We would like to thank our partners, families and friends for their support, care, love and understanding during each of our breast cancer journeys.  Unfortunately there are very few people, even in an Island as small as ours, who donít know someone who has been affected by the disease and therefore the work that we do really touches so many people. 

We cannot thank enough all the individuals and companies who have supported us over the past 10 years - without your help we certainly would not have been able to achieve so much.

The Group has grown beyond our wildest expectations during the past 10 years into such a successful and hugely supported charity.  We are very proud of our achievements to date and will continue striving to improve the comfort, care and facilities provided for breast cancer patients in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and to raise awareness of breast cancer and the benefits of early detection.

Thanks to you all for your continued support.

Jo Allen
Pink Ladies


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