Comments from Pink Ladies


The following are comments on the walk from members of the Pink Ladies.

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday.  I have had several comments from ladies who took part who said how much they had enjoyed the whole experience, particularly the "ABBA Sensation" who made their evening complete.

I was overwhelmed by all the ladies who were thrusting loads of money at us and who turned out with such enthusiasm despite the overcast weather and chilly wind.

I was proud to be part of the team and look forward to seeing the pictures (my pink hair did wash out!!)

I think its amazing that 50k+ was raised and saw quite a few tears being shed when the amount was announced by Gary.

Well done to all of us.

Linda C.


I live in France but despite the costs (travel, hotel etc.) I am very glad that I came to give my support to such an event. One in nine women will be affected by breast cancer thus this event is not just a fun raising activity but it is also about raising awareness about breast cancer.

I am so glad that I did the walk. I have a great deal of admiration for all the good work the Pink Ladies do. They simply care... Every penny is well spent, they work so hard at improving care, the quality of life for breast cancer patients and to give money to medical research etc...

It was so nice to be there Saturday. It was a very emotional experience to be among all these women and girls, all of us united in the same desire to raise money in order to fight breast cancer. It gave me a very strong feeling of belonging and as another walker said a kind of sisterhood. Even my husband was touched by the sight of this pink tide!

I will be there for the next walk in 2013, I want the good work to continue.
I am proud to be a Pink Lady

Annie Beresford.


I was marshalling at Ladies Bay and it was amazing to look across the L'islet and see a line of pink coming towards me, and when they arrived there were so many smiling faces.  Really touching to see how many women turned out in not brilliant weather.

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