Church Square-based team of two to offer tired feet stimulating massage after walk


TWO beauty therapists will have their hands full after the Pink Ladies Sunset Coastal Walk. Rachel Leech and Michelle Mauger will be offering all walkers a free five to ten minute foot massage to ease the aches of walking the 10.5 or 3.5-mile route.

Its so nice to be asked to help. Its great to be able to do something for the ladies who have been raising money for such a good cause, said Mrs Leech.

The treatment will involve giving tired feet a refreshing spritz followed by a good rub-down with a soothing menthol gel. The aim is to stimulate circulation and help prevent fluid retention.

Mrs Leech, who runs Rachels Retreat at LIslet, had a tip for walkers too.
Stop filing and moisturising your feet ahead of the walk. You almost want to encourage hard skin to grow as its natures way of protecting the foot.

The team of two will be based in Church Square and plan to keep on massaging as long as walkers keep queuing up.

Its amazing how, year-on-year, more people do the walk, Mrs Leech added. Everybody knows somebody whos suffered from breast cancer its a fantastic charity to support.

The Guernsey Press is media partner for the event, which has Sandpiper CI as its main sponsor.

The walk, on Saturday, has two coastal routes to suit all abilities. The 10.5-mile route starts at 6pm at Grandes Rocques, while the 3.5-mile route starts at Bordeaux at 8pm. 

Rachels Retreat has offered to give free foot massages to women taking part in the Pink Ladies Sunset Coastal Walk. Left to right: beauty therapists Michelle Mauger and Rachel Leech.   (Picture by Peter Frankland, 1147071)

GEP Article by Nerys Case 17/06/2011

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