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WOMEN-ONLY gym Curves will be helping entrants to warm up for the Pink Ladies Sunset Coastal Walk. Curves Channel Islands director Cat Boyle, 28, has also issued some advice to help women get ready for Saturdays event.

"It's getting out there and getting the miles on your legs and eating correctly the night and day before," she said.

That means wholemeal carbohydrates, protein and snacks such as fruit, vegetables and nuts.

"The first walk starts at 6pm, so they need to make sure they've got some energy and have kept themselves hydrated."

On the day of the event it is a good idea for participants to have breakfast, lunch and snacks.

"You would probably want to eat something light an hour before you leave for the walk."

Cat will conduct warm-up sessions at the start of both routes. She said the exercises, which will be aimed at getting hearts pumping while stretching leg muscles, will add to the atmosphere.

"It will be nice and gentle. We might even do a little zumba [dance fitness] for fun. It's about being relaxed but excited."

She added that she could not wait to get started.

I'm really looking forward to it. It's the first time I've got involved with such a big event in Guernsey.

"We opened only in September and Curves very much wants to be part of the community."

The whole ethos of the gym is about increasing women's strength in body and spirit.

She said some who used the facility at Admiral Park knew of people or had been affected by breast cancer themselves.

"My mother had cancer twice and one of those was breast cancer, so that's where my involvement comes from."

A group of around 40 women from the gym are also going to take part in the coastal walk.

Circuit coach Helen Mahoney said they were all looking forward to the event and had ordered special T-shirts.

It is something that has brought members together. As people have worked out there on a daily basis, she said, they have naturally made friends and talked about their worries and concerns.

"With this kind of thing, everyone knows somebody who has been affected by it and they want to help.

"There's a large support structure here so it wasn't hard to get 40 ladies together."

Cat said that Curves would also allow people to join the gym for 10 if they could bring in their medal to show they had taken part in the walk.

Curves Channel Islands director Cat Boyle will be helping walkers get ready for the Pink Ladies Sunset Coastal Walk.
(Picture by Steve Sarre, 1142807)

GEP Article by Jess Stevenson 17/06/2011

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