Pink Ladies


WITH just three weeks to go, many of you will already have your outfit sorted for this yearís Pink Ladiesí Sunset Coastal Walk. And by the looks of it, youíll be walking in style. Yet again, pink has staged a bit of a come-back on the catwalks.

The ever-so-sweet, girl-next-door nudes of 2010 have made an appearance alongside the boldest, brightest-of-bright cerises and neons, seen in colour-blocking, which is THE look of the moment.

Pink can be difficult to pull off.

But by choosing the right tone for your colouring and not overdoing it with a head-to-toe cotton-candy look, it can be both fresh and funky.

Mid-range tones should be paired with whites, creams, browns or denim.

If you like to stand out in a crowd, itís perfectly acceptable this summer to clash hot pink with cobalt blue, grass green or even orange. Just donít pair it with black Ė it can look dated Ė and veer away from putting icy pastels like pink and baby blue together.

Itís just a bit too cutesy.

If colour-clashing is a step too far for you, or your English rose skin takes the term Ďnude tonesí a bit too literally, try accessorising an outfit in colours within your comfort zone by sticking on a stand-out bangle or pair of hot pink heels.

GEP Fashion File with Zoe Ash 28/05/2011

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