Pink Ladies 20,000 pounds better off from sprint


a charity sprint for islanders will be back next year, if the relevant permissions are granted. This weekend saw the first such event opened up to the public. For a £50 entrance fee, islanders could race their car along Vazon Coast Road. The sprint is usually only open to members of the local motor clubs.

Organiser Stuart Butler, who took part in a three-seater SDR V-Storm, said the event was a great success.

‘It was extremely successful despite the weather, which could have been better,’ he said.

‘The spectators were in their thousands. I was amazed by the number of people who were there. It was three times the number of spectators we normally have.’

The sprint was in aid of the Pink Ladies and raised around £20,000 through a combination of the entrance fee and sponsorship.

Trophies were presented for the fastest time, which went to Brent Meerveld, who completed the course in 12.3 sec., and most unusual car, which went to Mike Grantham’s Austin Allegro.

A prize was also given for plonker of the day, which went to the two men who, after they finished their runs, abandoned their cars and went to the toilet. That held the event up, said Mr Butler.

The winner of the media drive-off was Channel TV’s Rob Moore.

‘We will do it again next year, subject to the relevant permissions being granted,’ said Mr Butler.

‘We are hoping it will go ahead in summer 2011.’

Mr Meerveld, 38, had the fastest time in his Nissan GT-R, beating cars such as Porsche 911 Turbo and a Jaguar XJ6.

‘It had not had any work done to it, it is just standard,’ said the director of builders J Meerveld and Sons.  ‘It was a buzz [beating the other cars].
‘I reached 117mph at the line. I was cautious at the start because of the weather. It took my fourth time to get my speed up as before then I kept lifting.  ‘It was very exciting. A real adrenalin rush.’
Mr Meerveld said he thought his car would be in the top six, but had no idea he would win.  He hoped to take part again in next year’s event.

Matt Heys, an IT technician, took part the sprint in his Ford Focus ST3.
‘It was really good fun,’ said the 23-year-old.  ‘I hope they do it again.
‘If the roads were a bit dryer I think my time would have been better.
‘I would definitely do it again. I am going to buy myself a quicker car.’

Tom Le Prevost took part in his Range Rover Sport and hot hatch Mazda 3.
‘It was really good fun,’ said the 23-year-old, who also works in IT.
‘It was exactly what I thought it would be like.
‘It is a good idea. It gives people the chance to use their cars properly and to their full potential.’

The trophy for the most unusual car went to Guernsey Classic Vehicle Club secretary Mike Grantham in his Austin Allegro (pictured).

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