Judges had tough choice to make


THIS year’s Miss Guernsey pageant was a tremendous success, according to one of the organisers. The competition was held for the first time in two years on Friday night and was put together by GBG Magazine with event organisers Inspire, which decided to make it a black-tie event for the first time. ‘I had high expectations but it has totally exceeded them,’ said organiser Sue Markham.

The evening had a fairytale theme and Ms Markham said she wanted all the girls to be pampered.

‘What was important to me was to make the girls feel special and I went backstage and they were all so excited.’

The show had three rounds – evening wear, beachwear and, also for the first time, a charity wear round.

Each of the contestants had to put together an outfit where at least one item came from a charity shop.

The night was hosted by Gary Burgess, who asked the contestants questions about their ambitions and achievements during each round.

‘The questions Gary asked them were very good but very difficult to answer on the spot like that and they did well,’ said Ms Markham.

The crown was taken by hairdresser Lisa Knott, 20, who won £1,000 to spend on the holiday of her choice, courtesy of Travelmaker.

She will also attend a number of official engagements over the next year including the summer shows, the Liberation Day celebrations and she will switch on the Christmas lights with Father Christmas in December.

‘All the girls were so beautiful, it was a real shock to win,’ said Miss Knott afterwards.

But the judges had a tough time deciding on a winner and they were deadlocked with three against three at one stage.

‘I think it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. It’s a bit of a cliche, but it was very tough,’ said judge Carl Ward.

John Carpenter said the judges were split 50/50 on who should win.
‘It was tough. It was a deadlock and it took a hell of a lot of time to make the final decision.  They were all so good and between the top three there was nothing to choose.’

Fellow judge Michele Hockey said there was very little to chose between the top two finishers.

‘We had to strip it back to what Guernsey is and who Guernsey is and how we portray that.

‘We just felt that she [Miss Knott] had that bit more Guernsey in her.’
She added that next year there should be an odd number of judges on the panel next year to avoid a deadlock.

Judge Catherine Best said that Miss Knott would make a great ambassador for the island.’

‘She was very bubbly and represented what I think Miss Guernsey should be. She is very natural and elegant with a real family feel about her.’

Mr Carpenter said the competition would be back at the Carlton Plaza next year.

‘Hopefully every year it will get better and better.’

Hairdresser Lisa Knott, 20, is the new Miss Guernsey (pictured). She took the title in the revived event after judges had originally reached a split decision. Second place went to Jade Farrell, left, with Rebecca Jowitt third.

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