Be Breast Aware


OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As part of this, islanders are being advised to be breast aware and attend screening appointments.

The Health Promotion Unit is working in partnership with the Breast Unit to remind islanders of the importance of regular breast checks. But it also wants to congratulate the 91% of local women who this year have been invited to and attended their screening appointments.

‘Screening is such an important part of the early diagnosis process,’ said clinical nurse specialist at the breast unit Sharon Bodkin.

‘It can pick up problems at a very early stage, which can then be treated much more successfully.’

Locally, women aged between 50 and 75 are invited for screening every two years, compared with every three in the UK. Those aged over 75 are allowed to continue the scheme if they wish.

Health promotion officer Di Mathews said it was important for women under the age of 50 to be breast aware.

‘The simple message is, know your body. Know what is right for you and go to your doctor as soon as anything changes,’ she said.

‘In the majority of cases there will be nothing serious to worry about, but getting to the doctor as early as possible is really important.’

The advice is:
Know what is normal for you
Know what changes to look for
Look and feel
Tell your GP about any changes straight away
Go for breast screening when invited

‘Awareness should be an ongoing practice,’ said Mrs Mathews.  

‘We should all have a good idea about what is normal for our own bodies all through the month and year. Even those who are attending for screening should remain breast aware between appointments.’

For more information on breast cancer or breast awareness, contact Di on 707311 or email

Pictures is Clinical nurse specialist in breast care Sharon Bodkin.

Globe article 13th October 2010

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