News 2007

Chari-trees festival is a Town Church first

- 05/12/2007
CHARITIES are getting into the Christmas spirit at the Town Church. Individual trees are being decorated by 27 good causes for display in the Town Church from Thursday, when the Christmas Tree Festival gets off to a sparkling start. Please click here for more information.

Girl Walk

- 25/04/2007
Guernsey's Pink Ladies are hoping to see an ocean of pink on 23 June as part of the first ever Sunset Coastal Walk, a fund-raising event for breast cancer. Health reporter Gemma Hockey spoke to one of its organisers and hears why the support group needs you to sign up Please click here for more information.

New drug fights breast cancer better

- 24/03/2007
Medical practitioners have discovered that a new drug Avastin administered in combination with chemotherapy can considerably contain the growth of breast cancer Please click here for more information.

Soy May Help Prevent Breast Cancer in Older Women

- 17/01/2007
But monkey study suggests it's only true for postmenopausal women with higher levels of estrogen. Please click here for more information.

- 12/01/2007
THE Health Department ‘is set to fail’ to give people with incurable illness the best possible care. Instead of employing a full-time consultant in palliative care, the Health and Social Services Department wants to use an off-island specialist supported by a telemedicine service, which could provide virtual ward rounds and teleconferencing with staff. This option would save thousands each year, but the Medical Specialist Group and Les Bourgs Hospice want an on-island specialist at an annual cost of £470,000 Please click here for more information.

Research brings hope for cancer

- 04/01/2007
A NEW gene linked to breast cancer will help complete the puzzle of how the disease develops Please click here for more information.