Health and charities fund role together


HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE and two local charities have pooled resources to help fund a new assistant psychologist. Emily Barrasin has taken on the role for the next three years as a result of greater collaboration between the committee, Headway Guernsey and the Pink Ladies.

Miss Barrasin, who has experience working within mental health as well as on an oncology project locally, splits her time working for the charities two days a week each and one day for Health & Social Care.

Two months into the post, she said workstreams had been progressing very well and the flexible structure of the role worked effectively.

‘It is a completely new role, I am not taking over from anyone, so it has been really interesting and gives me a lot of freedom to make it what it needs to be with guidance from everyone else.

‘With my time at Headway, I have introduced a new module. It’s about increasing the support for carers and doing a lot more on physical adjustments and acceptance.

‘The other days, I am working on a variety of projects with oncology, from audit and evaluation projects, research projects, to looking at what we are currently offering and working on the CanMove project, which is also charity-funded.’

Miss Barrasin said it helped greatly that the three bodies had a great working relationship and were constantly in dialogue.

Headway already enjoys a very close relationship with staff at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, in particular clinical neuro-psychologist Damien Appleton.

Many of his patients are Headway members, making it a ‘win-win’ situation.

But with its service continuing to grow, executive director Philippa Stahelin said extra resources were needed.

‘It was a question of how we get that and how we fund it during already difficult times. We then got thinking whether there was a model for a shared post and we hope this will show that we can do more of this in the future.’

The Pink Ladies has previously part-funded posts so had experience of charities working with HSC.

Charity facilitator and services manager for community, health and wellbeing Karen Leach said while there were clinical nurse specialists in breast cancer to help those affected, there was no psychological support for people at higher level.

‘From an oncology perspective, it also raises the knowledge and skills of the regular team by getting support from Damien and the assistant psychologist.’

The Guernsey Community Foundation funded part of the three-year post for Headway. Chairman Wayne Bulpitt said: ‘The foundation is keen to promote partnership working between the voluntary sector and the States of Guernsey and believes this is a perfect example, where a key service can be provided by pooling resources and working together.’


Article by Nicola Gibbons, courtesy of the Guernsey Press & Star

Photograph : A pooling of resources between Health, Headway and the Pink Ladies has enabled the appointment of assistant psychologist Emily Barrasin, centre, who will split her time between the three bodies. She is pictured with Karen Leach, left, and Philippa Stahelin. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 16592554)

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