A close shave for Jayne


When Jayne Symes heard that one of her friends was receiving cancer treatment and was losing her hair she decided to have her blonde mane shaved off in a show of solidarity. Jill Chadwick went along to the salon to meet the gutsy Jayne, who smiled as her much-loved locks hit the floor.....

IT’S 5.30pm at The Cutting Room and crammed alongside a workstation is a gang of Jayne Symes’ friends and family. They have turned up to see her fulfil her promise to have all her hair shaved off.

‘I know a lot of people who have got a cancer diagnosis and they have lost their hair while undergoing chemotherapy,’ said Jayne. ‘But when one of our best friends recently had to go through this I decided that I wanted to do something to support her.

‘Shaving my own hair off seemed like a good idea, and a visual one to show how much I care.’

Those who know Jayne are fully aware that she rarely, if ever, does anything by halves but to hear that she was going to sacrifice her much-loved locks still came as a bit of a shock.

‘I love my hair and I always think of it as one of my best assets,’ said Jayne. ‘As a woman your hair really is very important to you and, for me, having long hair has been my thing for the past 16 years or so. Every day I enjoy putting my hair up – or styling it down – so to lose it all was going to be really difficult.

The thing is, it will grow back again, I am healthy and lucky to be so, and it seemed a small gesture to show my friend my support.’

Jayne spoke to her stylist, Shirley Baggott at The Cutting Room, who agreed to get involved.

‘I’ve been styling Jayne’s hair for years and I know how important it is to her, so I’m so very proud of what she’s doing,’ said Shirley. ‘It’s a hard thing for any woman to lose their hair.’

Admitting she was nervous, but determined nevertheless, Shirley bravely set to the task, brushing Jayne’s long hair into a ponytail.

Then, to a background of gasps, she snipped it off.

‘I hope to use this for the Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children,’ said Jayne.

Then the serious business of cutting away all those blonde locks began in earnest.

Armed with a glass of champagne, Jayne watched as scissors gave way to clippers and half an hour later her hair was on the floor and her beautifully-shaped head was revealed.

She was tearful, yet adamant that she was happy to have done this.


Watched by her daughter Victoria, son Tom and husband Andrew, Jayne looked in the mirror at reactions which ranged from shock to awe as her new look was revealed. The family were all united in feeling very proud of her.

‘It’s an amazing and very brave thing for her to do and I am so proud,’ said Victoria, a sentiment echoed by her son, husband and all the friends who had gathered to watch the big ‘shave off’.

‘You’re looking good, Jayne,’ said a smiling Andrew, who showed his support throughout as a very different-looking wife smiled back at him from the salon mirror.

Like the trouper she is, throughout the session Jayne quipped, ‘can I have a look at the back?’ and as the new bald image was revealed she smilingly joked, ‘not sure I like the re-style’.

But she was relieved and happy when it was done. Hugging her friends, she announced that she has set up a Just Giving page so that the local Pink Ladies charity will benefit from her gesture.

‘What I have done is nothing compared to what women go through when they have chemotherapy and they lose their hair,’ she said.

On day one of life with a shaved head Jayne was upbeat, though she said it was a bit chilly.

And her fundraising is taking on another dimension.

‘Victoria and I are also going to be putting a Race for Life team together to run in the Guernsey Pink Ladies’ run, so all are welcome to join us. ‘I am just glad that the funds are already rolling in.’

Over £3,000 has been donated so far and the total is rising.

‘As I work as a consultant for Dior at Creasey’s I will be wearing a snazzy scarf, but the staff and management have been incredible about what I am doing. It was a good decision, though I have to admit I’m looking forward to my next appointment with Shirley, who is going to bleach my crop a very pretty platinum blonde,’ smiled Jayne.


For details of Jayne’s Just Giving page log on to justgiving.com/Jayne-Symes


About the little princess trust

In 2013 pop sensation Jessie J donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust by shaving her head. The charity was delighted to receive this contribution – just as it is grateful to all those who decide to cut their hair.

But you do not have to go to the extreme of shaving your head to help.

You can simply grow your hair long, since the charity welcomes cut hair that is at least seven inches (17cm) long.

All donated hair is sent to a wig manufacturer in China and, if deemed suitable, it will be blended with at least five other hair donations just to make one single wig. These wigs are given to the charity free of charge.

In addition to these the charity also buys wigs to ensure that the best and most appropriate one is given to the boy or girl who needs it. The wigs cost the trust on average around £350 each.

For more information log on to www.littleprincess.org.uk

Article and pictures courtesy of the Guernsey Press & Star

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