Father and son in 504-mile charity ride


A FATHER and son team have managed to cycle more than 500 miles in a heatwave, in the process raising more than £4,000 for two local charities.

Nigel Salmon, 51, and his son Jake, 20, took six days to cycle the 504 miles to Biarritz in south-west France.

Around half the route was off-road and the temperature soared during the challenge.

Nigel said they had started with carrying just four litres of water a day each to keep down the weight, but this soon rose to eight litres each.

‘The day we got lost in a forest, the temperature reached 47 degrees,’ he said.

‘It was not easy to deal with at all.’

The pair started their days at about 6am, but the temperature was around 20C even then. The weather even made their route hazardous, with one track turning into a dust bowl, which was difficult to ride on.

The pair had no support vehicle, so they were on their own as they crossed France. They estimated they burned about 5,000 calories a day each during the epic challenge.

They had to stop to have time in the shade away from the heat. The pair both travelled light, with no luxuries and just two shirts each – which were washed along the way.

They were cycling until 9pm each day and would recover from their exertions with a pint – but they were too exhausted to enjoy more than one drink.

The pair said they had a good time. ‘It was really good,’ said Jake. ‘We pulled each other through.’

When they finally arrived in Biarritz, there was one final task. One of Nigel’s colleagues had promised to double his donation if Nigel donned a mankini. Jake was on hand to gather photographic evidence and the friend paid up.

In total they raised £4,166 and that will be divided between Male Uprising Guernsey and the Pink Ladies.

Maaike Kreckeler from the Pink Ladies said the money would probably go towards their drive for a new mammogram machine, while Mug committee member Dan Collins said the group was currently fundraising for a male cancer nurse.

‘This money is a massive help,’ Mr Collins said. ‘It is also great to raise awareness.’

Father and son team Nigel and Jake Salmon cycled from Guernsey to Biarritz, south-west France, to raise money for charities Mug and the Pink Ladies.

Article and photograph courtesy of the Guernsey Press & Star

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