Breast Awareness Education


SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Health Education) are a team of 3 nurses employed by the Education Department to teach Sex and Relationship education in our Bailiwick schools. Part of their role includes teaching breast awareness to our Year 11 students [338 this school year], this they do using an age appropriate approach and resources. When they see the girls for their sessions it is in tutor groups ranging in size from 4-24 students .These sessions take place throughout the year at all the Island schools and colleges.

SHARE like to use breast models as they are excellent for teaching breast awareness and the Pink Ladies have funded 7 new models for them to use. 

Back in June, they met with the Health and Beauty students at the College of Further Education and carried out a ‘mini breast awareness’ session.

The session went down well and the ladies were delighted to have their photos taken for the Pink Ladies to see the breast models in use for the first time! They even played our new ‘Happy ‘ dancing clip in the background which set the scene well! The students really embraced the Breast awareness message warmly and a really good Q&A followed.

A big thank you to the students' tutor Helen Glenn for her support in setting up the session and to Kate Corcoron from SHARE for sharing this great initiative with the Pink Ladies !

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