Pink plaster cast turns injury into a charity fund-raiser


AN INJURED man has raised £150 for charity by sporting a pink plaster cast.

Shaun Sarre decided to pick the colour for his broken leg after his neighbour, Trevor Mahy, offered to donate money to the Pink Ladies if he went through with it.  The telephone engineer damaged his left leg after an accident at work earlier this month.

‘Trevor knew that I had an appointment with the fracture clinic so he sent me a text message to say if I got a pink cast he would donate money – it came completely out of the blue. ‘So I decided to go ahead with it because it meant I could make a positive out of a negative situation and help a worthy cause,’ the 44-year-old said.

Mr Sarre then decided to take it a step further.
‘After Trevor made his offer I started asking friends and family and raised £150 over a three-day period for the Pink Ladies. ‘My wife, Heather, has taken part in a couple of the Pink Ladies walks and it is a very good cause so I am pleased I can help. ‘Heather phoned the charity to explain how the money was raised before sending the cheque. ‘They were really amazed and extremely grateful to receive the money.’

Mr Sarre said due to the nature of his wounds his cast would need to be changed numerous times. ‘My cast needs to be taken off to see if the wounds have healed. ‘I have a yellow one on at the moment – after my pink one was taken off – and that will change again next week. ‘Once the wounds have healed I will then have a cast on for about five weeks so I will make sure I have a pink one again for that time,’ he said. ‘Having a bright pink cast doesn’t bother me at all. I am just glad I have been able to do something to help a good cause.’

(Guernsey Press article, picture by Adrian Miller, 1278456)

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