Fund-raising from a great height


FUND-RAISERS were jumping out of planes for charity at the weekend as a visit from Skydive Jersey gave them the chance to have a once in a lifetime experience.

More than 40 signed up to take a leap from 10,000ft up before coming in to land at the Colin Best Nature Reserve, L’Eree. Chief instructor Mally Richardson was pleased to see so many jumping for worthy causes.

‘Some individuals have raised over £1,000 for their charities,’ he said.
Tiffany Scott, 19, raised £300 for the Pink Ladies. ‘I’ve thought about doing it for a couple of years – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,’ she said.
‘I wasn’t nervous until just beforehand in the plane, but it was over very quickly. It takes your breath away.’

Debbie Duport, 49, said she was hoping to raise £500 for the Thomson Memorial Trust, which helps islanders cope with the cost of bereavement. ‘It was amazing,’ she said. ‘You fall so fast when you leave the plane and then suddenly you slow down when the parachute opens and everything is very peaceful and you get to enjoy the lovely view.’
Thomson Memorial Trust founder John Inder said the event was a wonderful way to raise money. ‘There are a lot of different charities with teams jumping,’ he said. ‘One woman just walked up and handed me a tenner for the charity which is really nice.’

Picture by Steve Sarre : Tiffany Scott and instructor Peter Dolbel come in to land.                          

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