Richard supports his ex-wife with Pink Ladies logo tattoo


AFTER discovering that his ex-wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Richard Vahey decided to have the Pink Ladies’ logo tattooed on his back to raise money for the cause. Funds raised by the 39-year-old will go to the local breast cancer support group.

‘When I found out I just felt so helpless. I knew I could be there to offer support to her and our two sons, but there was nothing I could do to fix the problem. ‘I decided to try and raise money for the Pink Ladies, who are a great support to local women,’ he said.

He has also decided to run this year’s Guernsey Marathon and has promoted his sponsorship web page on Facebook. ‘My Facebook friends were all really supportive but, understandably, after the initial donations, sponsors dwindled. That was when I decided to make little challenges to keep raising money and awareness. ‘I put on Facebook that if people would donate £50 within half an hour then I would get the pink ribbon tattooed on myself, but I was really surprised when the money was donated in time,’ he said. Tattoo artists at White Inc. offered to do the tattoo free of charge in support of his efforts.

Mr Vahey’s ex-wife, Louise Southern, 40, was impressed by his fundraising efforts. ‘I think that he almost went into overdrive because he felt like he wasn’t able to help. ‘It can only be a good thing that he is raising money and it is really quite phenomenal. ‘It is nice that something good can come from a situation that is really rubbish. ‘I see first-hand the physical side of fundraising for things like equipment, which benefits everyone, not just people with breast cancer,’ she said.

Mr Vahey raised another £50 after stating he would have his legs, chest and back waxed if people donated the money. He has already exceeded his initial target. ‘I wanted to raise £500 by running the marathon but thanks to all the generous donations, I have already made £700 so now I am aiming to reach £1,000.’

Mr Vahey was delighted to be able to raise awareness as well as money.
‘Until someone close to you is affected by this disease, you don’t really think about the massive impact it has. ‘It not only affects the individual but everyone around them, causing not only health worries but also a whole load of other concerns, like the financial implications.

‘The Pink Ladies offer a huge amount of support and I am happy that I can help,’ he said.

To sponsor him, go to

Guernsey Press article 14/7/2012

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