Dans Mont Blanc Challenge


The Pink Ladies congratulate Dan Edmunds on his successful challenge to climb to the top of Europe in aid of the Pink Ladies.

We were over the moon to hear that on Thursday 15th September at 12.15 after a gruelling 12 hour climb Dan reached the top of Mont Blanc and were even more thankful to hear of his safe return back down the following day.

It is not often that young men of Dan's age get involved directly with fund raising for the Pink Ladies but his involvement serves to emphasise that this disease not only affects the women concerned but can have a profound effect on their family and friends. 

It is also important that our message is heard and taken on board by younger people as prevention is undoubtedly the best policy and being aware needs to start at a much younger age than people think.  

So far Dan has raised an amazing 1440 and he would welcome further donations. If you wish to donate click on this link to his Just Giving page.

We thank Dan for the time and effort he has put into this amazing feat and wish him every success in any future endeavours he might undertake - wherever they might be!

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