Pink Ladies charity sees a charming way to raise money


CHARITY charms have been launched as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The small charms, costing 1, are designed to go on handbags or phones.

Pink Ladies breast cancer support group co-founder Jo Allen said the jewellery pieces would help raise money to support breast cancer patients.

The phone charm is in addition to the very popular pin badges, she said.

Since the badges were introduced two years ago, the sale of the pin badges have been a great success and we hope the charms will be as popular.

Charity member Mary Freestone said it was important for people to support the charity.

The Pink Ladies do a lot of work in the island in both helping people undergoing treatment and raising awareness of breast cancer, she said.

These charms are attractive and feminine and will appeal to women.

The charms are on sale from the Breast Unit, Boots, the Medical Specialist Group, Aladdins Cave, Alliance, Stonelakes Pharmacy and Les Bourgs Hospice as well as at local doctors surgeries.

Hester Woods, left, and Mary Freestone with the new charms launched by the Pink Ladies.          (Picture by Adrian Miller, 0853378)

GEP Article by Juliet Pouteaux

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