Free Services for Breast Cancer Patients


Please visit or telephone their helpline on 0808 800 6000 for more information on the events listed below.

Free services for patients

Younger women's forum Two-day residentials for women aged 20-45 diagnosed with breast cancer during the last three years, providing information and the chance to meet others in similar circumstances.

  • 18 and 19 September, Warrington
  • 16 and 17 October, Birmingham area
  • 6 and 7 November, Maidstone

Lingerie evening
A session offering practical support and advice on choosing a bra after breast surgery, led by Breast Cancer Care staff with trained fitters.

  • 29 October, London

Practical support and information around hair loss for people undergoing treatment for cancer. For more details please contact us.

New - HeadStrong service available at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham from October!

Living with secondary breast cancer
This two-day course provides patients with information on areas including the medical management of secondary breast cancer. It also helps address fatigue, explores relaxation techniques, and offers the opportunity for patients to meet others in a similar situation.

  • 10 September, Birmingham (day 1)
  • 30 September, Cardiff (day 1)
  • 7 October, Glasgow (day 1)
  • 17 November, Glasgow (day 2)
  • 3 December, London (day 1)

Facilitated by qualified therapists, these support groups are specifically for people with secondary breast cancer.

  • London every Monday except bank holidays, 12.15-1.45pm

Information sessions
Half-day talks on various topics for patients affected by breast cancer and benign breast conditions:

  • Healthy eating
    26 November, Bournemouth
  • Exercise
    26 November, Bournemouth
  • Complementary therapies 12 November, London
    25 November, Birmingham
  • Breast cancer and work
    15 October, London
  • Managing menopausal symptoms
    19 September, Windsor
    22 September, Birmingham
  • Adjusting and adapting after breast cancer
    12 November, London
  • Cancer fatigue15 October, London
  • Breast awareness after breast cancer treatments10 September, Welwyn Garden City
    19 September, Windsor
    22 September, Birmingham
  • Managing menopausal symptoms
    19 September 2009, Windsor
    22 September 2009, Birmingham
  • Family history
    10 September, Welwyn Garden City

Drugs used to treat breast cancer
10 December, Reading

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