Pink kayakers and hand made raft set for charity challenge


LES BEAUCAMPS HIGH students will be braving the waves to raise money for local charities today. Starting at 10am, Levi Turian, 15, and seven other pupils are due to attempt to kayak from Portelet to Fort Grey in under an hour to raise money for the Pink Ladies charity.

‘We are hoping to raise £200 between the eight of us,’ he said.

‘We wanted to pick a charity that would make us stand out – the idea of us lads in pink is a bit unusual and also my gran has had breast cancer, so we decided to go for it.’

At 1.30pm another team of six, led by Alex Cramphorn, 15, aims to travel the same distance in a makeshift raft that they will construct in the morning.
Mr Cramphorn said he chose to raise money for the Duchess of Kent nursing home as it had recently looked after his grandmother, who suffers from dementia. ‘My Pop, after looking after her so well at home, found he could no longer cope and sadly she had to go into a home,’ he said.
‘The Duchess of Kent was fantastic. It helped so much and made life a lot easier for not only my Pop but also my Nan, who liked it there.
‘I think this is an excellent activity to raise money for our charity as it’s different to most other charitable events like walks and bike rides,’ he said.
‘It involves more imagination and organisation and people will notice this more as it’s not every day you see someone going along a bay on a makeshift raft.’

GEP Article 14 July 2009

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