Breast surgeon offers outpatient clinics here


AN IMPROVED service for Bailiwick women affected by breast cancer will begin next month. Health and Social Services has arranged for an eminent breast surgeon to provide an outpatient clinic in Guernsey.

Dick Rainsbury is director of the breast unit at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester and was until recently the director of education at The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Health has previously had to refer patients to the Winchester breast unit and has forged strong links with Mr Rainsbury and his reconstructive breast surgery team.

‘Bringing Mr Rainsbury to Guernsey to see patients is a very positive move for local women, as travelling to the UK for medical review can add additional stress and anxiety in already upsetting and difficult times,’ said lead cancer nurse Karen Leach.

‘This initiative also allows family members to be more involved in complex decisions which have to be made.’

The outpatient clinic is for women affected by breast cancer and not for those seeking augmentation or reduction for cosmetic reasons. Referral to the clinic will be through the local breast multidisciplinary team.

GEP Article 19th June 2009

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