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There are countless reasons a woman might want to buy a wig, from the medical to the cosmetic. If you’re in the market for one, Alexandra Logan Brooks has, quite literally, got your beautiful bonce covered, as Emily Burden reports...

LOGAN Alexander Wigs is a specialist service established by Alexandra Logan Brooks.

Alex has owned a successful wig business in the North of England for eight years and now she is returning home to Guernsey to provide the same service to islanders.

‘It has always been my goal to try and break down the stereotypes associated with wigs,’ said Alex.

‘The evolution of wigs and hairpieces, even since I have been in business, has been remarkable. New styles and colours are constantly coming onto the market. The fibres and weights are always improving.’

The lightest wig available is called a ‘capless’ and has a featherweight construction, meaning it weighs less than two ounces.

‘I sell a lot of this type of wig to the more mature lady,’ said Alex.

‘But wigs are for everyone. They are for people of all ages, from all walks of life and for any purpose. I supply wigs for both medical reasons and as a fashion accessory.’

During her years in the industry, Alex has found the main thing people want from a wig is that it looks natural.

‘Now, with the advent of wigs with roots and skin tops, they are looking more and more authentic,’ said Alex.

‘The fibres are much softer, which makes them easier to wear. Wigs are very far removed from the way they were in the past. They are so natural that most of our clients say that not even their closest relatives can tell the difference.

‘I understand that buying a wig can be a very sensitive subject and I always do my best to make people feel comfortable. I also work on the principle that I would never sell to anyone a wig that I would not wear myself, or supply a product that I do not have faith in. That is why I only supply the best quality wigs from suppliers I have been working with for almost 10 years.’
Alex always tries to stock a large variety of wigs and is happy to order anything she doesn’t have.

‘I offer a free consultation with every wig and an aftercare service that is second to none. There is also a beautiful new range of real hair wigs available on request.’

Globe article 18th February 2009

Please call or email Alexandra on Tel: 07911 748167 Email: loganalexanderwigs@hotmail.com


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