Ray & Scott promotional event


Martin Search from Ray & Scott is very kindly holding a promotional evening on behalf of the Pink Ladies on Thursday 7th June.

There will champagne and canapes over 3 time slots :

4.00pm until 6pm, 5.30pm until 7.30pm and 7.00pm until 9.00pm.  

5% of the profits from the evening will be donated to our charity. In addition to this, this percentage will be given to us if any of our supporters purchase anything during the month.

There will be a quick introduction followed by Karen Leach giving a short talk during the evening, as well as Ray & Scott giving a talk on diamonds in their museum and explaining the offer they are making to ladies during the evening.

Ladies can try on anything they desire and as they have many international brands it is a great opportunity to get that special gift with our charity benefiting as well.

There will also be a launch of a special hand crafted item to the ladies during this time.

You are more than welcome to bring family or friends to the sessions, please email Doreen Le Poidevin (dorlep@cwgsy.net) which session you'd like to attend and how many of you will be there.


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