There are a number of helpful books, videos and publications that are available to borrow from the Guernsey Breast Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, and are listed below.

For further information, please contact Karen Leach on 01481 724816

Title Of Book / Publication

Author / Publisher

The Breast Book

- Dr. Miriam Stoppard

Surgical reconstruction of the breast for women with breast cancer

- Royal College of Nursing

A Woman’s Decision:- Breast care treatment and reconstruction

- Mosby

A Woman’s Decision:- Breast care treatment and reconstruction (3rd edition)

- Mosby

Breast cancer and breast care

- Carolyn Faulder

The breast book

- Cochrane and Szarewski

The secret Cancer

- Julie Stoakes

The complete idiots guide to living with breast cancer

- Alpha Books

Be a Survivor – Your guide to breast cancer treatment

- Lange

Breast cancer – The Complete Guide

- Hirshant & Pressman

Coping with Breast cancer

- Dr Heyderman

Recovering from breast surgery

- Diana Stumm

All Woman – Life after breast cancer

- Tania Yelland

Family Doctor Guide to Breast Disorders, your Operation – Breast Lumps

- Smith and Leaper

Fighting cancer

- Annette and Richard Bloch

Beating cancer with nutrition

- Quillan

The breast cancer survival manual

- John Link

Breast Cancer Sharing the Decision

The Breast cancer prevention and recovery diet

Atlas of Breast Disease Management

Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast

ABC of breast diseases, benign disorders and diseases of the breast

The combined diagnosis of cancer of the breast

Improving outcomes in breast cancer

A picture of health – paintings and drawings of breast cancer care

Contraception today, HRT and cardiovascular disease

Wound management in cancer care

Case studies in breast cancer

Handbook of diseases of the breast

A practical guide to rehabilitation oncology

Your Life In Your Hands

Professor Jane Plant

Breast Cancer

Nursing Care and Management - edited by Victoria Harmer

The Breast Cancer Book

Val Sampson and Debbie Fenlon

All Woman, Life After Breast Cancer

Tania Farrell Yelland

Be a Survivor

Vladimir Lange


Bristol Cancer Help Centre – The Holistic Approach to Health

Breast reconstruction – Inflated tram flap

Facing breast cancer – Fight back and get fit


Facing Breast Cancer DVD - Eleanor Meade