Jo Allen, one of our founder members, explains...

The Pink Ladies offer emotional, practical and financial support for women in Guernsey with breast cancer.

Being involved can reduce anxiety - it helps to find out that your fears are normal - and improve the quality of life and, importantly, it’s also a place to have fun. Members of our support group get together to make friends and enjoy life, not just to discuss cancer. Bonds are formed that bring comfort and strength between women as they face the same uncertainties and battles.

Participation can help individuals to cope better with their diagnosis and increase their knowledge of cancer and treatment options. Talks by relevant speakers on cancer, diet, relaxation, exercise and feeling good, complementary therapies and other related topics can be extremely helpful.

Women who are better able to cope with their situation can provide gentle guidance and assistance to women who are having more difficulty: the opportunity to help others in a similar situation and to give something back.

Along with this web site, the Pink Ladies operate a 24 hour help line (tel:07781 415131) and a library of information and offer wigs and wig-care packs. Please feel free to have a look at our “Information” section of the web site for more details on our library etc. 

The Pink Ladies do recognise that people react in different ways to the experience of cancer and understand that some breast cancer patients may not wish to participate in a support group. However, anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer is warmly invited to join the Pink Ladies for support and friendship.